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Gameplay Video


“Old is gold” is just a statement, But it’s more than just a statement when it comes to your childhood !!
Mixing your childhood with modern technology is really exciting.

“Hide” its a real-time multiplayer game where you need to find the other player or hide from the other player based on the role you pick.

The player chooses his/her role and the game starts in a random environment where the player start looking for the other player or hide from him/her, seekers will have a timer so they need to find the other player within a given amount of time and the other player also have a timer where they have to hide.

This game will be available on PC and Mac so the controllers are mouse and keyboard, the two players will have a little bit of constraints like the availability of the places that they can hide inside it, depends on the environment.

NOTE: This Game is meant for educational purposes only, its the capstone project for game design and development specialization on Coursera.


Available Downloads




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