Gameplay Video


Addictive. Challenging. Magnetic! Umagnets is a great new action game based on physics and magnetism. Tap your screen to pull the magnet to each side, but be careful… Your magnet has a mind of it’s own. It’ll get pulled from side to side itself as it floats through each level. Your mission is to get your magnet to the top by avoiding obstacles.

As you pass through the levels your challenges will get tougher, you’re sure to be tapping your phone screen for hours. Pass levels to unlock new characters and get new objects to float through space. Watch out though, those obstacles will get tougher to pass… Jutting out from each side at strange angles, and even spinning saws to stop you from getting to the top!

There’s also an endless mode to see how long your magnet can handle the challenge. Super addictive and will provide hours of fun!

(Unpublished game)

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